I am a woman in my early 30s who first started playing City of Heroes back in 2009 with my longtime boyfriend. I'm fairly casual with most games, but CoH drew me in because of its inherent creativity, since I am a writer. Just the fact that I could develop my own characters and play them interactively with others was a HUGE perk, and the game actually rewarded creativity furthermore with its introduction of Architect Entertainment (user-generated) missions as well. (I wrote a couple of missions for the AE system, but they didn't get a ton of play, and I didn't get a lot of time to work on them because I was on dialup internet at home and had to play CoH at coffee shops, primarily.) When CoH was closed down in 2012, my boyfriend and I migrated to Marvel Heroes on Steam, but it is just not the same...we are still #ParagonCityRefugees.

Outside of playing the occasional MMO, I also play collectible games on occasion, such as Magic: the Gathering and HeroClix, and I am in the process of writing my first trilogy of books (I believe I've got material enough for six more books, just hanging out in my head right now). I also sing, play the piano, and write music, and I create fansites for things that I love and enjoy (like this one!).

Favorite Archetypes

I generally favor Tanks and Defenders, because I either like to be the last player standing in a room full of tough bad guys, or I like to be the player keeping everyone else alive. My first character was Austara, a super-strong Tank who could survive just about anything the game threw at her (which was good because as a new player I often blundered into areas I wasn't supposed to be in yet, LOL), and to this day I still favor high-defense characters who can take a lickin' and keep on tickin'! But I grew to adore Defenders as well for their ability to help a team scrape by in a tough situation.

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