Origin Story

Working as a green energy specialist for many years, Glissande never expected much supernatural activity out of her life. The thrill, for her, lay in discovering new areas where natural gas and geothermal steam resources could be used. So when she was asked to chart a possible new source of geothermal steam near a low mountain range, she jumped at the chance.

The first parts of the trip were a success--indeed, there was much geothermal activity present, and even some natural gas available to be tapped. Glissande radioed back to her superiors with the good news, and stated that she wanted to continue further exploration of the site before she returned.

Without warning, her radio died, and refused to turn back on. Glissande fussed with it for a few seconds, until she got the odd, prickling feeling she was not alone. Looking up the trail, there were three spectral beings coming towards her; she dropped the dysfunctional radio and turned to run, but there was no running from these beings, apparently. She was forcibly turned to face them, instead, and held there as if paralyzed.

"Why are you here, human?" demanded one of the beings through a mental connection. Glissande explained, mentally, that she was only charting new areas of greener energy. The beings were adamant that she stop--their homes, they said, lay within the reserves of geothermal steam, and that too many of their kind were being killed because of this energy demand.

"Well, what do you want me to do, instead?" she asked. "It's not as if I can make energy myself!"

This exclamation gave the beings pause; then, one of the other beings asked, "Would you like to be able to?"

Glissande returned to the green energy plant several hours later, and explained quite breathlessly what had taken place. The beings had agreed to grant her the power to generate thermal energy like that of the earth, as long as she protected their homes. They even offered her the ability to call upon them at any time to aid her, and she demonstrated the ability to her dumbfounded superiors.

As the last being faded, one of her bosses gulped. "Shouldn't you go and, um--train that p-power or somethin'?"

"Yeah, ain't--ain't Paragon City got some k-kind of hero school you can go to?" the other one managed to say, as he took Glissande carefully by the arm, leading her into the next room, which happened to be designed to shield against nuclear explosions.

At the (rather nervous) request of her superiors, Glissande checked into Paragon City's hero registry, and was quickly accepted into the Magic Origin training department. She now serves Paragon City as a registered hero--and as a temporary generator, should the city's power ever go out.

Creating Glissande


Seeing how powerful the Illusion Control powerset could be in-game, I wanted to try it for myself, but not in combination with the Radiation Emission powerset--I had seen far too many Ill/Rad combos for my liking, and wanted to try something different. Thus, I went with Thermal Radiation as the secondary for my new Controller.

The Thermal Radiation powerset got me thinking--what if this girl was working in green energy? That sounded cool. But where would her Illusion powers come from, if that was the case? The answer was straight out of an X-Files or Unsolved Mysteries episode: Glissande would be the guardian of geothermal energies, in which these mysterious illusionary creatures lived. In return for her guardianship, they would aid her whenever needed, and would give her the ability to make energy of her own (so the greedy humans could have what they needed without killing the creatures). I liked very much the idea of a shy, ordinary scientist being transformed into a hero in this mystical way, and so Glissande was officially born.


The word "glissando," in music terminology, describes the sound made by a pianist sweeping his or her hand up or down the keyboard, striking every note in succession. I've always liked the word, and with one little change, it made a graceful-sounding lady's name, soft and almost whispered, much as I imagine Glissande speaks (very shyly).

Character Development

As I work with Glissande's character, I plan to make her excellent backup for a team, both in healing/teleportation and with her illusionary damage, which is quite potent (as I've seen while playing against the Carnies' Illusionists and Master Illusionists).