Origin Story

Her father wanted another strapping son to help carry on the family automotive business. Instead, he got her--a bright little spark of female energy, smack in the middle of four bossy brothers. Victoira was the third of five children, but even her younger brothers got more respect from her overbearing father than either she or her mother did. Victoira was named by her father, who commented that the name was fitting, since the Victorian period of history was "the last time women knew their place" in society, and he wanted his little girl to grow up the same. Her mother insisted on a more French spelling for it, and her father nodded dismissively, accepting it as a relatively small concession. It was a victory, however small, for her mother, and one of the last ones she ever scored.

Her father ran in the most upper-crust of social circles, and thus Victoira and her mother were little more than show animals, gussied up and painted like a set of dolls so that they would be "good representatives of the family." Of course, actually speaking to any guests was not allowed for the young girl, and her mother was barely allowed to say much beyond a few pleasantries. (Victoira did talk back to her father, just once, when he scolded her for spilling her juice on her pristine dress; after the vicious spanking she received in the kitchen, she returned to the party looking chastened, but internally overcharged with anger.)

It continued this way for many years, until Victoira was nearly an adult. During these years, her mother was her sole confidante--her brothers refused to hear any ill spoken of her father, even when she told them that he always punished her harder than them, and showed them the marks of his punishment on her hands and wrists. Her mother salved the bruises and occasional cuts, listened to Victoira rage and cry, and when nothing else worked, just hugged her daughter close. She encouraged Victoira to try to be a "good girl," just until she was grown up and could move away. Victoira often asked her mother why she didn't leave the man she had ceased to think of as her father; her mother always shrugged listlessly and said, "I can't leave him now," which was not much of an answer at all.

Though she chafed under her father's arrogant and autocratic rule, Victoira had no thought of actually rebelling and doing something with her feelings. She just continued to watch her brothers build engines and wire batteries, connect hoses and thread belts through delicate metal parts. Quietly, she was gaining the same skills they had, though her father would have punished her harshly if he had ever found her hiding in the auto garage and spying on her brothers. She was content to learn this way, silently spiting his oft-stated philosophy that a female should not try to learn such skills because she didn't have the brain capacity to do so. She was content to watch and wait...until the day she walked past her parents' lush bedroom suite and saw her father strike her mother so hard she fell to her knees in pain.

Nothing much mattered to her after that, except building a machine that would finally rid her and her mother of this stinking demon that dared to call himself human. She shut herself away in her room and built and built, not even allowing herself time to sleep until it was finished. It was a machine that slowly channeled the electrical energy of her body into a holding chamber, to be released when her father next set foot on his office floor and tripped a switch. Then he would be paralyzed, just as he had paralyzed her mother and her all those years with his threats, punishments, and senseless rules.

She set up the machine in the middle of the night, silently thanking her father for having the money needed to create an underground connection between their mansion and the auto garage, where his office was. Then, packing a couple of bags, she woke her mother (who had taken to sleeping in a guest bedroom down the hall since she had displeased her husband), and together they slipped out of the house and got away using the oldest of the family's seven cars, which had been put away in a separate garage for a few months and would not be immediately missed.

By the time her eldest brother discovered the paralyzed form of their father on the floor of his office, Victoira and her mother were long gone--but none of her brothers had much of a thought for her in the flurry of ambulance, police car, and business matters. With the head of the automotive business now hospitalized, fully paralyzed, the legal settling of the corporation became a bitter family struggle as each brother fought for the power he thought was his right by birth. For Victoira and her mother, however, such concerns were far from their minds.

They arrived in Paragon City after days of hard driving and sleeping in the car; Victoira had charged up the car's battery and electrical systems and had made it perform far better than it had even in its newness. After settling her mother in an apartment, Victoira went straight to City Hall and signed herself up as a hero, so she could become, through training and experience, the kind of protector for her mother that she always wanted to be.

Creating Victoira


In my quest to create a heroine for each basic archetype, I came up with Victoira, who was most definitely a Blaster even before I thought about what archetype she would best fit. I wanted a very strong personality, with an edge to her--a girl who wouldn’t mind blasting away tradition and its outmoded rules. A distinctively feminist philosophy went well with that.

I toyed with the idea of Victoira actually planning to kill her father rather than paralyzing him, but I realized that this would make her more a villain than a hero, even though one could argue that such a drastic action would be justified considering her backstory. I settled for her using her Electrical powers channeled through a machine to paralyze him, thereby working in her power sets and her Technology origin into the bio. This works much better, I have to say!


I actually just took the name "Victoria" and switched the "r" and the "i" around to get a unique superhero name. I wanted her name to be closer to "normal" Western society names, yet just different enough that it belied her superpowers. There’s a little bit of irony in her name, that a superheroine so named after a period of history where women were expected to be meek would actually be a bit of a feminist warrior. The origin story tells that her mother subtly changes the name her father had given her, thereby defying him just a little, just enough.

Character Development

Throughout her gameplay so far, Victoira has proven to be quite the efficient sniping machine, which makes her a great solo character. However, she is also great team support--she drains away Endurance from the baddies so they stand there unable to do anything to her teammates. She also has a single-target Hold and a single-target Immobilize that work well to stop bosses in their tracks. I also took Recall Friend, Aid Other, Aid Self, and Resuscitate, so that in a pinch Victoira can be a team's backup healer if necessary.