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City of Heroes was a superhero MMO unlike any others out there; it allowed you to create your own superhero or supervillain, rather than building off of established characters. Its much-touted costume creation screen was one of the best in the more?


This site is the archive of info on all fifteen characters I made while City of Heroes was playable. My intention was to make at least one character of every archetype (both Hero and Villain), and to try lots of different powerset combos. more?


I am a woman in my early 30s who first started playing City of Heroes back in 2009 with my longtime boyfriend. I'm fairly casual with most games, but CoH drew me in because of its inherent creativity, since I am a writer. Just the fact that I could develop my own characters and play them interactively with others was a HUGE perk, more?

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This site is a repository of original character information. As such, I humbly beg of you not to copy what you have found here. Also, this material is not intended to infringe on any sort of copyright from City of Heroes more?